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ARENAscape Scribe ...
The Arena Guard giggles as he "gently" pushes you into the scribe room ...

Here, nearly invisible in mountains of books, papers and other "stuff" is a small man with BIG broken eyeglasses on top of his not so small nose.

"Sorry dear friend," he says looking angrily at the closed door where you stormed in a little while ago "This Guards really needs some education"

"In any case, WELCOME!" He smiles warmly at you, and opens a big dusty book..." So let's see ... You will need a name first"

Name :

"Great !!" Says the little man as he writes your new name at the top of a new row ...
"Now we need a secret word that you can whisper to the guard at the locker in order to retrieve your things"

Password :

Repeat Password :

"Ok, I will keep this secret."
"Hmm, I will need your address so that I can send you this secret word in case you forget or if you want me to send you battle reports. Don't worry, I will not give it to assassins"

Email :

WARNING, insert a valid email and check the spelling, as you will receive the activation code to this email.

Repeat Email :

"Ok great! That is all !!!"He turns the book to face you so you can check.
"Take a look and see if I wrote everything correctly." He then points to a second very THICK door
"You can exit directly to the arena here so the guard will not 'disturb' you."
"...Oh and they have a hard job...go easy on them"
he hands you a little book titled "F.A.Q", and turns to write a report on today's fights.

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