Dragon Raid

1st Event “Dragon Raid” – many authors

The Rease Call by Silverion

Sun was shining happy from over the tall towers, stone roofs and dusty streets of Arenascape this day. Thousands and thousands was crawling all over busy streets, selling goods, visiting arenas or overlooking a way too often street brawls between strong Avatars.

Grin_king walked to the window of his tower and looked to the streets at this flows of ants tat was crawling all over, left and right without any sense.

“What a waste of space”

He says aloud thinking about all this abandoned people wandering and using good will of Silverion.

His eyes passed over clear sky, and a little red cloud that was visible to the north, high city walls overlooking sea of tents that grow near city, and was going all to the nearby woods. Even woods are vanishing from this sea of fire hungry people and every day it looked that border of wood moved a step or two farther from city walls.

One thing passed thought his mind ‘red cloud’ ….. RED cloud …

His Eyes followed his mind and returned to cloud that was growing at alarming rate.

“Hey, come here Ember”

He called his friend to come and see

” There is funny red cloud growing fast I fear it is a storm that I hear sometimes come from desert”

Ember come lazy walking over tower ruined stone floor, look at some fine foods, laying at solid wooden desk in middle of round tower room, and finally take a look at not too interesting cloud.

“Hmm what is so special about it” he say thinking that cloud is like cloud better to take a sword and make some practice then to waste time looking at sky, ahh this mages waste time on stupid things think in this mind.

“Whow look at it!! It is growing so fast, we must get ready and close windows it look like a big wind is pushing it right on arenascape”

“ARGH not again rain, I hate to walk in mud covered streets, all time with boots full of water”

“Hey look it is already reaching borders of Tent town” he say and in same time it looked to him very strange that it looked that this cloud is composed of thousands of birds.

It was funny that these birds can be seen from so far; they have to be really big he was thinking and in that moment all tents started to catch Fire!

“For a dammed BUG, LOOK THESE !!! There is a fire raining from this cloud EMBER !!”

Grin_king say looking amazed as sea of tents become sea of flames, advancing fast to the mighty city walls.

As he was looking like hypnotized he don’t feel a hands of Ember that was pulling him from window.

Finally words come to his mind

“RUN RUN, WAKE UP MAN that cloud is red of Dragons”

As they jumped to the stairs first dragons come to the tower and room become bathed in hot red flames.

Part 2 – happy version – by happykiller1

“HAPPY!!! HAPPY!!!” yelled ember.. “stop hitting ur head on the wall.. grin needs out help!”

A day before the red dragons, happy went to get his rune plate but found out that the rune mine was destroyed and there was no rune to smith. Since then he was hitting his head on the wall.

Happy looked at Ember an anrgy look and kept hitting his head.

Happy picked up his battle hammer and shield and followed Ember to where grin was. Ember and happy ran up the stairs to see Grin with a magic shield around him protecting him from the flames.. he said —- ” About time… now help me!!”.—- Ember ran into battle killing 20 or so but they kept coming. Happy was in the corner singing a song.. he then look up to see a huge red dragon break through the door. The dragon had a bunch of pick-axes and pieces of rune ores in it’s back. Happy’s eyes went red, he freaked out bashing it over and over and over with his battle hammer. He started over the other dragons killing them in seconds each. Ember and Grin looked at each other with confused faces. Then happy said —– “wanna join in?”—– and girn and ember starting fighting again. After about 20mins or so of fighting the dragon stopped coming. They walked around seeing 100’s of bodies. Happy stepped on one and felt something driving in his foot inside. He took a dagger and cut it open to find a bow with ReAse ingraved in it. Happy thought for a sec but he knew rease was ok.. atleast he hoped…

Part 3-The Secret – by Someone(r)(c)(tm)

Fortunately, Enre was awake when the drangons came.
He immediatedly ran for cover as the dragons started flying lower and flaming. A hatchling attacked him but he managed to slay it. Enre tried to get out of the town slaying many hatchling on his way but he was suddenly he was struck down from behind by a Humagon, he struck back.His sword barely managing to slice through the thick dragon hide. The dragons blood covered his sword and the sword began glowing bright red, the Humagon struck back at Enre almost killing him. Suddenly an arrow flow out of nowhere striking the dragon. The dragon took off flaming in the direction of the attack forgoting about Enre. Enre tried to look and see who had saved him but could only see a firgure running. With this final effort Enre fainted his glowing sword laying beside him.

Part 4 – by moltenmetal

Among all the fighting of dragons and men, there stood ChaosLava, seeming as though shrinking down and cowering from the fire. Heros that once upon were thought great valiant defenders fled and hid in their corners, people were running and chaos was every where.

But at the same moment there was a inferno, as if an explosion had sprung from the sky
above the city. Then there was a great boom, the main assualt of the fiery dragons
had arrived.. More ran and fled, others hewn the heads of little dragons and ran away
as they found killing the dragons a waste of time or because of cowardice. But still others stood ground and fought.

ChaosLava then sprang suddenly erect. Tall and proud he seemed again; and rising with his mace he cried in a loud voice, more clear than any there had ever heard a mortal man achieve before:

To arms my brothers, arise, arise,
Warriors of ARENAscape!
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, before the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now!! Ride to the city of ARENAscape!!

With that he seized a great horn from Silverion his king, and he blew such a blast upon it that it burst asunder. And straightway all the replies of the heros were lifted up in music, and the blowing of the horns of the defenders was like a storm inside the walls and a thunder in the sky.

Ride now, ride now! Ride to the city!

Suddenly ChaosLava cried to Silverion and sprang away. Behind him the banner of ARENAscape blew in the wind and after him thundered the knights and heros of the city, but he was ever before them. Together in the white fury of the city defenders, the sang as they slew, for the joy of battle was on them, and the sound of their singing was fair and terrible. Then morning came, morning and a wind; and redness was removed, and the host of Dragons wailed, and terror took them, and they fled, and died, and the power of Silverion and his army rode over them.

And so was the great battle still being fought in the fair city of ARENAscape. But there were still unfought enemies all around the city, thousands upon thousands, and so the battle contiuned with ChaosLava beside Silverion and all the other heros around, to be honoured and rewarded one day. All those cowards that didnt wish to help the city would then be put to shame, exiled from the celebrations when and if victory was given to Silverion_Shaodow great Warrior from ARENAscape…..

Part 5 – by holyseraph

Holyseraph just can’t remember how many dragons he has killed. One’s memory intend to blur a little bit when they are exhuasted.
“It’s just like this when it’s in the draynor tunnel.” He murured to himself quietly.

It’s several monthes ago. In his trip to Moon Valley, he is trapped in Draynor’s tunnel by the cave in. (For detail go to brotherhood of arenascape and see fan story “Hero of Moonvalley”.) Outnumbered, even the strongest warriors can’t withstand an army of dragons.

“I have to go outside the city.” Holyseraph cursed, “The blasted neutral zone.” True, Holyseraph have about 15,000 shield guardian waiting him outside the city. When he attend this conference between Kort and BoA, he thought there is nothing the mighty warriors from both the clan can’t handle. But this is certainly unexpected.

“Just hope Attony and Akon are okay.” Holyseraph sneak around the street, dodge the random fire ball from the dragons.

Finally, near the city gate. Holyseraph is about to let out a sigh of relief, that’s when a giant red dragon landed right in front of him and with a expression of “Fry you first and ask question later” on its rather hidous face, the ugly dragon breath out some red flame towards holyseraph.

The heat is unexpectly high. Even the runite shield can’t seem to withstand its power. In a split second, Holyseraph throw the shield to the dragon and roll away as he see the dragon fire smelt the ground to red lava.

“I have no time for you!” Holyseraph slip towards the belly of the dragon and give a mighty pound to the dragon with his rune battle hammer. The dragon try to attack, but holyseraph have already slipped away and seemed to dissolve into the darkness around the buildings that are not on fire. The dragon growled with rage and start to burn the buildings.

“Sorry to dissappoint you.” Holyseraph, under the cloak of darkness, dashed through the gate and run towards his army’s camp.

“Hang on guys.” Holyseraph took another glance of the city. “I will be back as soon as possible. Hang on!”

Part 6- by Silvantha

.As the sky turns blood red reflecting the flames of our beloved burning city Joe runs from big dragons and Weez ducks the little ones. Their fellow AS comrades stand with dignity attacking any dragons or dragon spawn that come within reach …

Part 7-by Silverion

Second day of fights finally Arenascape defenders pushed a dragon host in defansive. Streets are covered with bodies and there is only a fey dragons still alive. … Still as smoke cloud that hang over city for 2 days start to clear, in the sky, floating slowly over still burning city become visible big body od great example of dragon race. Even from so far away his body looked of majestic proportion. Here and there he was turning slowly and it was strange as such a big thing can slide so effortless in air.

A single look at it was striking fear and desperation even to hearts of mightiest warriors.

After 4 days of interupted fight’s all over burned ARENAscape city, big dragon that was flying over city landed in Abandoned Arena and soon fey remaining dragons retreated there pulling all corpses they was able to find.

As the morning sun started to show over Arenascape burned walls, many tired warriors come in front of Abandoned Arena mighty gate. Already some minstrel was singing a ballad about heroic deeds of this last days, even if city was still looking like a ghost town, covered with fog that rise from still smoking buildings, piles of bodies that was amassed everywhere there was space. Still from many parts was possible to hear rhythmic sound of hammers showing that some builders are already at work and that living in Arenascape will soon be better then ever before.

This hard times bring to surface until now well hidden live of organizations called CLANS. To organize defending its homes many proclaimed officially its connection to group and its organization was growing very fast. Many surprises arise from it. Even now in these hard times only unity of common enemy is keeping this groups to start brawls all around city.

Looking at big gate L6vi say worried “This f.. place is too well defended” his look pass over burned gate ” this door is ONLY entrance, and they have only to concentrate all forces in this point and we cannot enter”

Rease added, ” I cannot Shot in dark and they don’t have any intention to show even a fang out of it”, everyone else look strangely at Rease and silence come over little group.

Sunspeak break silence saying what everyone was thinking … ” Ahhm Rease I think you will be GREAT to scout what’s going in, counting WHO get that brilliant idea to fill a god pet dragon with arrows!!”

“Ahhm, you know… ” start to reply Rease” when a tremendous roar coming from a direction of dragon hideout interrupts all conversation.

A seconds later all was quiet like before but somehow everyone was looking at the direction of gate expecting to see a dragon to charge out.

Akon an Attony looked at each other and then Akon say ” I and my guys can clear that hole in no time”

Gulther look at him from high letting a smile pass over his face ” Muhahah even a humagon will eat half of you, We GIANTS will deal with it”

“Lol what you think that two of you can do Gulther, here you need a BIG group like my KORT to come to heart” Say ssjgogeta proudly looking at brothers Gman.

“Ahhm …” some voice come behind a group that was discussing ” I think that it is not a time for divisions, and boastings” As everyone turn around some gasp looking at Arenascape Demigod Silverion who was quietly listening to conversation for some time.

“You are funny thinking that getting in will be so easy lol, in 4 days you don’t even get a kill on her adult sons, and how do you think to even scratch her?“ he say walking slowly in middle of group “What you think that even Sexy have some chance? …. Nope forget it she already set a nest, and dragons hatch fast and grow even faster..”

“WHAT a dragon nest in middle of city” say a nearby guy “Please remove that I’m sick from dragons killing us even in kitchen yard last days”

Silverion cast angry look at the guy “Don’t play with my patience, already with showing myself I’m wasting time! What you think that you can understand of power lines, of gods problems, wars ad motivations” Did you ever played chess ? That was popular long times ago, or GO? Even if a small piece like you don’t see whole board there is some importance in sacrificing your life little bit.” Wit this words he vanished in air.

“Great job” say Grin_king “You made him angry with this stupid question and now who know if he will give us any benediction in this fight that already looked hard.

“Ok now.. Who will enter first? “ come voice from crowd that gathered in meantime