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WARNING !! This game is in alpha test so even though I will try to keep your characters alive from version to version, you know there is always chance that something go wrong way. Please report any BUG or IDEA to arenascape @

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What is Arenascape?
Arenascape is a text-browser based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), set in fantasy world, where you can fight your friends or monsters to gain experience, items and of course become famous doing this. This game is inspired from the great ex-free java game called RUNESCAPE made by Andrew Gower and I tried to create a similar game-world. Only on a much more simple basis and at the same time I am sharpening my PhP programing skills.

What do I need to start playing?
Probably any browser will allow you to play as long as it supports cookies.
The game will run much better on javascript-enabled browsers like on Netscape 6.0, M$ Explorer 5.0 and up, but, of corse, the best results are with Mozilla Firefox.
I can create a character but I alwas return to login page, Why?
If you can create a character and you pass login screen, but when you press anything you return to login screen, then you have a problem due to the way your browser handles ‘cookies’.

  • Login problems – Cookie FAQ Link to bottom of the page with a short guide.

How does it work?

As time passes you acumulate turns (in the game they are called Fights) that you can use for exploration, to fight or to train. After every fightm (if you win), you will get experience. If you fight another player who is more famous than you, you will also gain fame. You can use experience to build up your skills and as in arena money is not welcome, (because ofcorruption and such things), you will need to become famous to get a chance to win some special items at ITEM ARENA.
Allegiance and Leaders
By visiting CLAN’s HQ you can pledge your loyality to a more experienced player in exchange for his/her patronage, clan relationship and protection. In this basic relationship the Vassal gives a small part of his experience and creates little fame for the Patron that in turn can revenge you and recover part of (otherwise) lost fame in Player vs. Player battles. Every Patron can have at most 10 vasals. Despite the fact that he can attack them they cannot attack other vassals of the same patron.

What is a CLAN?
A clan is a group of 1 or more players. Any Player can form a clan with all his vassals, or vassals of his vassals and so on will join a same clan, if he leaves all under his leadership leave too. Any player can be assigned any rank and in base of rank comes powers, obligations and retributions; from guarding vault to assign ranks, taxes or manage treasure. It depends on individual clan decisions and game programing progress.

Can you say some more about combat?
Basically, there are 4 phases of combat:


If you or your opponent’s prayer stat is over 6 you will cast auras.
The auras can heal you later in combat or reflect damage.

If you or your oponent have over 5 magic you will participate in 3 magic rounds. (If you can survive until round 6)

  • 1st time is before any other combat since magic has the longest range. (1st round)
  • NOTE: after you reach specialization 4* in magic you can sometimes animate your weapon in this round.
  • 2nd time is after 3 rounds of combat as the mage recovers some energy. (3rd round)
  • 3rd time is after 6 rounds of combat as the mage uses his/her last remaining forces. (6th round)

If you or your oponent have over 5 ranged (skill) you will fire arrows in this phase.
Ranged is nice unless someone has a good shield… then things can turn bad.

Melee –
If you survive to get in melee you can put your weapon in your hand and start slashing at your oponent, he will try to do the same too. So your chance to hit is related to your att and the aim of your weapon. Your chance to evade enemy blows is related to your defence + (your armour + shield)/3. All this is modified in base of diference between both player strength and prayer.
If you hit you will do at least from 1/2 damage up to (strenght + weapon power)/10.

 Prayer – (Defensive magic)

In Preparation Round you cast an aura that protects /regenerates hits in course of battle. If you are not at max of your Hit points and you have any point in your aura, damage will be prevented or you will be healed maximum to your skill/10 (example 60 skill mean you can recover 6 hits every round of combat from poll.)
Specialization: You Aura will become stronger and will REFLECT 1/2 damage at your oponent. Also your aura can prevent more damage every round +1 max healing for specialization level als

What is that “Specialization” you keep talking about?

Specialization balances the game for players that wish to be different. If you sacrifice other skills in favor of the selected few you will get more proficent and will be able to do more things with it.

– You are always warned before combat if your opponent have some special skills and you will also be able to see if you have any active special skill.
– You will attack better, be able to evade hits, hit harder, etc. depending on your specialized skill.
– Specializations start to work when any of your skills is 7 levels over your combat level.

+7 = 2 Rank
+11 = 3 Rank
+14 = 4 Rank
+16 = 5 Rank
+18 = 6 Rank
+19 = 7 Rank

Example: Example: If you have Attack skill at lv. 58 and your Combat Level is 50 you will gain +7 atack (58 + 7=65) on Attack skill Lv 61 if your Combat level remain at 50 you will have +14 attack (61 + 14 = 75) etc..

What is Combat Level?

It is more measurment of total experience you have invested in ALL skills dvided number of skills and calculated lv from it.

Monsters use a same scale so 40 Lv monster will alwas be harder then a 30 Lv one and probably it is strong as 40 lv playernow.

How to get better weapons, armour, items?

You can win them in Item arena but to get in you need that people know you, more fame you have better items you can get.

NOTE: Items with fame requirments of 1 are basic equipment and EVERYONE can get them.

Of course Items are limited to your Lv to so you will not cut your hand with rune 2-H sword until you are able to effectivly use it. In Items Arena are only listed items that you can have. Items for your Combat Level +5 and that you have enough fame to get. For example as you start on your list will not be visible Mithril, adamite items but as you advance you wil be able to get stronger and stronger items. Some Very strong items can only be WON exploring Dungeons and Other Locations.

What is Fame?

Is a unit to measure how famous you are. How many people know you. You can win Fame fast in combat winning against people that are more famous then you.
There will be other ways to get fame .. like quests, Tournaments, Events, Dungeons. And also if you win against monsters much stronger then you.
Until 10 combat lv other people cannot attack you if you not attacked them first. But after that only thing that protect you is your skills and by sleeping in INN wich have its costs but can be worth of.
If you win you will get 2 + 1/4 of fame difference between you and your opponent. If you loose you will lost 1/4 difference or if opponent is much stronger then loos will be only -1 fame.

What for is Red Dragon Inn?

If you are in Arena main Yard you can log off from Red Dragon INN and you will be partialy protected from attack of other players. They will need to spend some time to searh for you and to bribe innkeeper and to do this they have to get some really good reason.

WARNING!! if you attacked and killed somone before going in INN inn keeper will not even try to protect you from REVENGE !!
Lately here you will be able to do some gambling, get spy to reveal oponent stats and like that.

Why you made it?
Lol I wished for long time to participate in production of multiplayer online game but i was out of luck, i send resumes to ton of game companys but as im from europe probably they dont even looked at it. And as TIP site get in big overtrafic problems as it become very popular I wished to get some page views to push a banners number, but that this dont create too much brandwich trafic. You will see that this pages are very light and i hope they will be even fast enough so people will like to play and eventualy make some donations to keep site alive ;-).

Cookie & Login Problems?

  • I made an account there and whenever I click on training arena or anything else, it just sends me back to the login page. This is cookie problem, program cannot identify you and send you back to login. You need to activate cookies at last for domain.
    Here are some instructions how to activate them, but i really advice everyone to read more about cookies on net.

How do I activate the cookies in Internet Explorer 4.0 – 5.5?

  • Click on the Tools Menu
  • Select Internet Options
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Custom Level button
  • Scroll down until the Cookies heading is on the screen
  • Select “Enable” for both sub headings
  • Click OK

How do I activate Cookies in Internet Explorer 6.0?

  • Click on the Tools menu
  • Select Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy Tab
  • Click on the Advanced button
  • Check Override Automatic Cookie Handling
  • Click Accept under First Party Cookies and Third Party Cookies
  • Click OK

How do I activate cookies in Netscape 4.7?

  • Click on the Edit menu
  • Select Preferences
  • Click on Advanced in the left hand column
  • Click on Accept all cookies
  • Click OK
  • EZboard help how to activate Netscape cookies
  • M$ Iexplorer instructiuons