Opening of the gate

Opening of the gate- by Silverion

Opening of the gate

from the book “Year of Fire

It was a dark Night, and sky was not visible so near Vulcano as even in night thick smelly smoke was covering all sky. Ice Wind comming from Nord was making useless all this thick robes, that wizard Attony wear heading to newly conquistated tower. It was yesterday that proud Arena warriors finally pushed hordes of undead and hold at bay wave after wave of long dead giants giving time to cast and secure with mighty magic a portal back to city, so that other heroes can come here on new frontier and help to break through last defences of Ice queen Lands that look so near… the frozen castle is on other side of mountain range but still it is so so far.

Pushing aside this cold and deadly feelings, Attony nearly run last fey steps to the tower door, where already some other heroes was waiting and joking, of course Kenny was here strangly still alive as everyone was looking at him under eye as he try to explain his last idea about relativity of magic and space.

JohnnyRune was near too, staying alert as always to somone wishing to fast build his fame, Machomachine was training slicing one deep freezen ice block to peaces and Primadog was writing report, many others was waiting in bottom of stairs leading up in darkness. Even s…killer was sitting hidden in shadows with some beer in hand.

” What for is this nice gem in middle of pentagram, i can snach it and put it in handle of my sword” say Kenny in this moment and tryed to loose opaque ruby from wall.

Cry from High wizard get lost in thunder that make all tower walls crack from its basament as gem was start to shine with evil red light. Two High priests jumped in calling for its powers to stop the gate that was forming in front of eyes of all.

But it was too late , Animated boulders flyed with incredible speed out of gate and slamed priests before they finished its prayers, followed with army of greater demons. Out of the tower Dark army wake and what was looking as easy pass to Ice queen castle become a battlefield.