The Age of Heroes

The Age of Heroes – by Mondor

The Age of Heroes

The history of the land is an old one and the beginnings are soon not to be remembered by many people anymore. I am an old man and I will tell you what I know about it or what others have told me about it.
In the beginning the people of the land lived happily together and there was no need for weapons or armour. But one day a terrible rat plague happened all of a sudden and the people were in fear. This was the beginning of the age of heroes. The first one to have the ferocity and power to fight the mass of rats was the old sage Silverion. Some people think that he even created the whole world and think he was the first one and will be the last. His age is unknown and he is a rather mystical being. He is still among the people and was very often seen around in the last time. But there were times when this great old man was not seen for a month. Let us hope for the people this doesn’t happen again, cause there was great confusion even among the other heroes. Silverion is said to be one of the mystical shapeshifters. A long time the people benefitted from his great magical skills, but in the last time he was even seen with a bow hanging down from his shoulders and some recently saw him with a prayer book chanting some old incantations.
So far about the first hero, but one person was not enough to fight the rat plague and so there were others that followed his example. Soon training halls were erected to develop the skills of the heros, alas, the young heros were so confused by this novelty that some of them did not know how to use the facilities right. And there were two clans, which supported their members with advice and protection, BoA and Kort emerged.

But these early days are long gone and the heros came upon greater evils anyone could have ever imagined back then. Every age has its heros. In our time they are called Machomachine and ****Killer. They are both known as the fiercest warriors of the land. Machomachine was one of the greatest weaponmasters of all time and with this skill he soon emerged to the top of all heros. There were heros before him, there will be heros after him. Ember was one who left the known world never to be seen again, but who knows what one day will happen. His old friend JohnnyRune still roams the countryside. He was said to be one of the greatest mages of all times, but soon the power of the sword attracted him, too. Right now he is working on building his strength up to face the most dangerous monsters recently found. L6vi and Primadog are the most famous mathematicians of the land. Some formulas and calculations would not be known without them. Even L6vi’s name seems like a formula, but so foresighted were his parents that they gave this name to him. Both are fierce fighters, though. The most skilled magician is known under the name Attony and his magic skills are beyond the wildest imagination. Attony is also known for his despictions of the bestiary of the land. Azark, Aragorn and Mark_von_Wagner are some more heros who are known for their powerful combat magic. Recently there was the great time of the archers and rangers and Rease is their true hero. His arrow could kill beast as well as man instantly. And there is Yahrim, good old priest Yahrim. He has an open ear and good advice for the younger heros and when they travel the countryside more then once in times of big danger he rushes to their aid with his great healing skills.

Some people, however, stroke the countryside with fear and terror and are truly unworthy of the title ‘hero’. GMan and his army terrorized more than one younger hero and even villages, towns and citys were afraid to see his banner coming closer above the hills and mountains. The day of the great demon invasion brought pain to the citys as well, and many old and weak heros died, but fortunately they took GMan’s fellowmen with them. One hero of our time has an disputable skill in telling many and especially telling weird storys by times. But recently he made a discovery that all are fond of. He discovered a dangerous beeman-hive, the threat of which the younger heros try to ban now. He is known as Kenny and besides his skills in babbling he is also a very tough fighter. There are many, many more heros of our time. I could tell storys about Erythro, who used to be Yahrim’s scholar, but know is even a more famous hero, I could tell storys about sataan or Archangel, VladTheImpaler, Gulther or the strongest of all men Skatetolive, but alas, these are storys others have to tell as time is a precious source and I have to come to an end with my despatches.

But be assured that there will be another time of great heros. Korla, Rocco, Alchemon or Kingofkills are ready to come to the fore when the time is right and the older ones retire. And a third row of heros is already eager to replace them. Right now, all heros are working to earn reputation among the public again. Not long ago, some heros made their way to God similar status. But a terrible monster attack on a big city destroyed the faith of the people in their heros, as no one was there to rescue the citizens. Now, the heros are working eagerly to retrieve their reputation and maybe some incident or deed can make the people believe in their heros again. Then the arenamaster will open the doors again for the old heros as right now, he has lost his trust in them and only allows the young ones to come in. But this guy has lurked some people into terrible danger, promising weapons and surprising mostly young and inexperienced heros with the greatest foe they could ever come across. But one day even the red dragon will find his master…

And so ends the story of Arenascape, the future is in your hands.

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