The evil Witch and the Bees

The evil Witch and the Bees – by Kenny

writen in Year of Fire by Kenny introduction to Bee Hive zone.

The evil Witch and the Bees

It was a long time ago when we were scared of the witch.
Becouse the witch hatet the humens and wantet to make bees out of them, but the humens fought back till they would fall down and die.
But it didn’t helped, the evil Witch was to strong, she was so good at magic that they had no chanse.

On a time the witch had enough of the fighting, so she did a very big spell in her home.
Suddenly a big flash came at the city of the humens, bang!.
And they are bees, they noticed the spell failed for a bit becouse they were the same size, everyone was crying.
The sound was so hard you would be almost deaf.
The witch laughed and laughed.

Until the day have come, “technolegy for the bees!!!” they said.
And they had very strong weapons and Guards, the technolegy is getting better and better, year after year.
The witch didn’t do anything about it, and never even looked at it.
That was a big mistake.

The bees have got so much technolegy and power that they were walking to the witches home, and the bees killed everything under way, they are so mad.
They are with whole army’s marching towards the witch, finely they are there.
And they were attacking her home burning it and they’ve killed the witch.
Peace has returned, but they have gone to evil.
Now you have to stop the bees for being evil!
You need to bring them to good, but for getting them to the good side you need to kill some bees at the beehil.
Now the peace to all animals hangs up to YOU!

the land. Machomachine was one